• How common is background checking for employment purposes?

    It varies widely across the world. In US according to various industry surveys, majority of employers and almost all big companies conduct background checks. Whereas, in countries like UAE, the trend has started pretty recently.

  • What background checks give the best results

    There is no hard and fast formula for a successful background check. For example, in India, based on past trends, 5 checks are optimum to discover fraud. The checks which are generally conducted are : 1 National identity, 1 Criminal, 1 Education and 2 Employment

  • Can I conduct a background check before making an offer?

    Generally yes, but not always. For example, in USA, while the FCRA does not restrict this, certain state laws may do so. Hawaii, for example, generally requires that a contingent offer must be made before ordering a criminal records check. Please consult your legal counsel to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

  • What is negligent hiring?

    If an employee harms someone on the job, his employer can be charged with negligent hiring if a court determines the employer knew or should have known through a background check the employee was dangerous. For example, Employers in USA are increasingly being held responsible for negligent hiring, and majority of employers involved in negligent hiring cases lose their lawsuits.

  • How can I avoid being accused of negligent hiring?

    Employers can show that they practice the due diligence required to avoid negligent hiring by having solid pre-employment screening practices in place. The first step in designing a solid pre-employment screening program includes a comprehensive review of your existing program by a professional background screening firm like Corporate Screening. This assessment should identify risk, inefficiency and opportunities for improvement as well as the most effective products and services needed to mitigate your risk. Most pre-employment screening programs include a criminal background search. Employers should also verify work history at each company the applicant has worked for . All degrees and licenses claimed by the applicant should also be verified. These simple steps may be enough to show that an employer took reasonable precautions before hiring an applicant.

  • Where do you get your data from?

    We have a huge network of compliant professional background screening companies worldwide conducting the background checks for us

  • Do you sell my information or my applicant's data?

    We do not transfer any information to the 3rd party outside of the scope of whats required for conducting background check. We do however use these for statstical and analytical purposes, which may be a part of our marketing and trend reports

  • Isn't this an invasion of privacy?

    We do not conduct any check without explicit candidate permission

  • How long is the applicant's data held?

    Depends on the country and applicable laws. Please read terms and conditions in candidate acknowledgement form for further details

  • What are report despositions

    All the reports we provide back to the client have a severities like there was a gap in the education or employment was genuine or the candidate was arrested for a crime etc. We classify these in 3 dispositions: red (Discrepensies in the stated and verified antecedents), green (no discrepensy between stated and verified antecedents) and amber ( no response received to clearly verify the stated antecedents)

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, in case you an annual volume of more than 300 checks, please contact us at

  • What if the candidate switched her name after getting married?

    Names are critical to getting accurate criminal records. Generally countries do not have a standard policy for record keeping. Therefore, although it may seem to be costly, industry best practice is to conduct background checks on each name for names used. This applies most often to last names, but to the extent that first names are dramatically different for any reason, this too could impact searches for criminal records.

  • Can I cancel my account?

    Yes, please send us a mail at Once all the outsanding dues are cleared, your account will be deactivated withing 3 working days