Our Vision

Paperless; Holding the highest standards for privacy; hassle free and fast; that’s our vision for AuthBridgeOnline


We have a vision for the future of the background screening industry, and AuthBridgeOnline is the platform to fulfill it. Fast, intuitive and economical, we have created a platform that brings the best of both the worlds: technology and efficiency of new market entrants, and compliance and ethics of the traditional Players. AuthBridgeOnline was launched in 2015 by AuthBridge Research Services, the leading background screening company in India. With more than 400 clients across a broad spectrum of businesses, AuthBridge has emerged as one of the pioneers in pre-employment screening industry and is recognized as the preferred choice for clients for employment verification across industries and levels. To state some quick facts, AuthBridge has conducted more than 10 million checks and published more than 2 million reports in its 10 years of its existence. Some of the clients currently served by AuthBridge in India: Tata Consultancy Services, Ola cabs, Accenture, Bank of America. For further details, please visit Authbridge