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The key checks at offer:

Credit check

A credit check is an indispensable part of background screening. Verifying a candidate's credit background can reduce risks, by uncovering candidates who may have a bad credit history that could impact the hiring organization in any manner.

Credit check benefits in the following ways:

  • Reviews the financial information, funds, and assets as a key, when a candidature is being considered for financial roles and responsibilities.

  • Offers valuable insight into candidate's sense of responsibility and track record to make pre-informed decisions.

  • Captures information whether a candidate has any accounts in collection, open loans inquiries, made by third parties along with distinguishable name, address, employer information.

Criminal check

Criminal check helps to evaluate the hiring risks attached to a candidate with past criminal records. Verifying whether an employee has a criminal record is a crucial step in assessing the risk that person brings into the organization. It's a pivotal step in checking one's background to safeguard organizational safety and reputation.

In addition to promoting a safe environment, criminal record checks benefits in the following ways:

  • Assesses the risk associated with a person before having him hired.

  • Identifies potentially high-risk candidates to safeguard organization's reputation and assets.

  • Reinforces the trust of employees in the workplace.

  • Availability across wide geographical jurisdictions, in and outside India with wide range of search options too.

  • Focuses on compliance, legal requirements, time constraints and industry types.

National Identity check

Identity check verifies the identity of candidates for their genuineness using government issued documents. It is necessary to keep identities safe and secure and on-board individuals with genuine identity. The identity verification service is designed to flag off if any identity document is forged, stolen or doctored.

National identity check benefits in the following ways:

  • Provide insights about the potential candidate, to verify whether the applicant is being honest about his/her personal information.

  • Pose as the most elementary part of comprehensive background check, providing information needed for other extensive checks.

  • Obtain certainty about the person's identity before bringing him/her into the organization, thus reducing risk of theft and alleviating concerns of a misappropriated, mistaken, or stolen identity.

Education check

Education check confirms the genuineness and authenticity of the academic records and the authority issuing it. Education check can be conducted globally and information is obtained either directly from an Institution or from the concerned authority.

Education Check benefits in the following ways:

  • Check completeness and accuracy of the records

  • Spot diploma mills and rackets and validating the degree/diploma provided by them.

  • Convenience in conducting across geographies directly from an institution or from its authorized organization.

  • Ensure accuracy with AuthBridgeOnline employing a global network of employment verification experts to help hiring manager's quickly spot discrepancy.

  • Confirm inflated education credentials

  • Check details including institution details, course, degree, duration, certificates etc.

  • Help employers to mitigate the risk of bad hires.

  • Ensure faster results and reduced costs by using specialized teams.

  • Easy and improved experience with a complete check

Employment check

Employment check verifies the accuracy of previous employment credentials i.e. designation, salary, tenure etc. and also the existence of the previous employer.

Employment check benefits in the following ways:

  • Reaches out to organizations outside the country to verify credentials which may be unresponsive, difficult to contact, and candidate may provide inaccurate or incomplete information.

  • Helps to mitigate the risk of errors and expedite the verification process through its network and reach in different industries.

  • Checks the different facets of the candidate's past employment history. Thorough check is performed on candidates through reference capturing tenure, designation, roles and responsibilities, salary, relieving etc.

Bankruptcy Check

Bankruptcy check verifies the personal solvency status of the potential candidate. This check is ideal for CPAs, c-suite executives, financial or banking staff and employees handling money or financial information.

Bankruptcy check has the following benefits:

  • When hiring for a position responsible for handling money or finances, a bankruptcy check is essential.

  • Checking for history of bankruptcy gives insight into a candidate's financial accountability and track record.